Open English World I think that this website is a real helpful and interesting program that could help me, I am a student in eE.S.L classes, I hope that this web-site can help me improve my English this web-site has lots of books and newspapers to read about ,and is very easy to get in the name is the first step you need to register the next is put your e-mail your password and the page you will open and you can see lots of options that you need to learn and speak and practice, open English word it has three groups to help us improve in our speaking vocabulary the first one is the weekly idioms that will help us speak better, second is to get a better conversation and third one is your pronunciation you will meet other students that will give me more information for me to learn more and better I really need this web-site I really hope that you will realize that this is a better way to learn English please take my advise . Your, friend E.S.L 266 l, S Olga Saenz Originally published in Shvoong:

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