Scarlett - The sequel to Margaret Mitchell''s GONE WITH THE WIND

Scarlett - The sequel to Margaret Mitchell''s GONE WITH THE WIND

Read Gone with the Wind and want to know more about Rhett Butler and Scarlett O''Hara. Read on...Scarlett mourns her life''s losses at Melanie''s funeral. She ignored Rhett''s love for Ashley. Now she is alone. She escapes to Tara and Mammy. Mammy is dying. Rhett visits Mammy. He tells Scarlett that he is done with loving her. But he will be home occasionally to keep the gossip down. In Atlanta she is boycotted due to her softness for Ashley. She throws a party and invites Georgia''s new flamboyant circle who benefited from the war. Their greed disgusts her and she throws them out. A Masked Ball in Carnival excites her. Rhett comes to the Ball and she enjoys it. But he leaves for his hometown Charleston. Nothing changed. She takes up alcohol.Her aunt from Charleston scolds her for ignoring marriage just to run her store. Rhett is working his way in Charleston society. Scarlett goes there to win Rhett back.Scarlett visits Rhett''s mother Eleanor. Eleanor introduces Scarlett to Charleston circle.  There are Yankee soldiers everywhere. She enjoys with Eleanor and gets new friends Sally, Emma, Edward and Anne (who is like Melanie).Rhett comes back from plantation and is angry to see Scarlett. He goes back to plantation. His brother Ross meets Scarlett and insults her. Scarlett cries to Eleanor to help her become a lady so that none can trash her. Scarlett meets her sister Careen who is a nun. She feels bored without Rhett. A Yankee prowler is seen in some houses at night. Scarlett''s fear returns and she goes to Plantation. She gets a nightmare but Rhett comforts her. She sees the ruins of plantation brought by the war. She relates with Tara''s and empathizes with Rhett. She wants to work with Rhett to bring his home back to full glory. In the boat ride back, Rhett asks her to take money to leave him. Scarlett is stunned but hides her true feelings. She accepts his offer but negotiates to stay till April. He would also pretend to be a devoted husband.Rhett''s sister Rosemary comes home. Ross shoots a Yankee and Rhett goes to hide him. Yankee Army confiscates fire arms and imposes curfews. The town holds a wedding. Scarlett feels surprised at such indirect retaliation. Rosemary overhears Rhett insult Scarlett. Rhett reveals the truth of his marriage that Scarlett loves him only because she cannot have him. And she is going to leave him for money by April. Scarlett enjoys her first ball at Charleston. She goes to  the Landing. Labourers hold a protest there. Scarlett and Rosemary go inside the house while Rhett talks to them. Suddenly there is a gunshot and Scarlett wants to go help Rhett. Rosemary holds her back and says that "Rhett does not want her."Scarlett is disheartened. In Charleston she tries to make Rhett jealous by flirting.She realizes Anne has a crush on Rhett. Her plan backfires as Rhett gets angry and the society assumes that she is having an affair. She wants to goto Tara. Tara is now shared between Suellen and her. She pursues the church to buyback Careen''s share of Tara. Rhett is amused and advises her to approach Sisters in Savannah. She has fun at Saint Cecilia''s ball and walks back home with Rhett. She cajoles Rhett to take her sailing before she finally goes away. They have a very good time. Rhett appreciates her beauty and childlike curiosity. They are hit by a storm and hardly make it. Scarlett is drowned cold. Rhett tries his best to revive her. When she finally opens her eyes Rhett is overcome by his feelings and they make love...Scarlett recovers in a hospital.When she reaches home Rhett is gone. He regrets their lovemaking. She leaves for her grandfather''s birthday in Savannah leaving a note. Rosemary destroys the note.In Savannah she meets her maternal grandfather and fraternal cousins. The O''Haras are Irish, not so rich, but very happy. She learns about her homeland, their traditions and family. She enjoys more with O''Haras. She waits for Rhett but does nRhett transfers money to her and has asked for divorce. She is pregnant and gets very happy that Rhett will hear this  and love her again. But Rhett divorces her and marries Anne.Heartbroken, she goes to Ireland with her cousin Colum. She is the only O''Hara in Ballyhara to be a landowner. She gives birth to Katie and is a devoted mother. Rhett comes to races at London. So every year she goes there and waits for him. Then she learns that Anne and Rhett are expecting their child. She starts flirting. She is courted by Lord Fenton who proposes to Scarlett a marriage of convenience and have children like Katie. He does not believe in fidelity. Scarlett is disgusted.Irish peasants revolt against the landowners. Scarlett thinks she is safe but because she had circulated herself in aristocracy, she has distanced herself. She goes to the races and finds Rhett. He is angry about her engagement.Scarlett returns to Ballyhara in midst of an uprise. Rhett rescues her and wants to get out of town. But Scarlett is so afraid about Katie. She tells Rhett about his daughter. Rhett is overjoyed, they find Katie at home. Rhett tells that Anne died during childbirth. They confess their mistakes and love.They look forward to a new life together....
Scarlett - The sequel to Margaret Mitchell''s GONE WITH THE WIND Originally published in Shvoong:

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