Pass it Forward

Pass it Forward

A moving novel about a 12 years old boy named Trevor, who tried to make the world a better place. It all started when the civil citizen’s teacher gave his pupils an assignment , that did not produce results before. Only this time little Trevor invented an idea so touching and naive… His idea is: to pick 3 people and do them a favor. And when the people asked him how can they repay him he simply asks each of them to pass it forward to three more people ! And the next three people will do the same… The genius idea of kindness and softness from one little boy against all the evil of human nature did not bare fruit at first. And when Trevor thought that all his genuine affords to make a difference were in vain something suddenly happens. A real chain of good will and mutual help to others is starting to form. A moving tale about a sensitive boy who succeeds with the power of his belief to open the hearts of simple people and make them better and more inspiring. The book is Charming and moving. The book was also produced into a movie and they both impacted a lot of people.
Pass it Forward Originally published in Shvoong:

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