Summary:shalini rao
Rhett butler, the most persuasive lover of all times is a man every woman dreams of, longs for. He is the character in the novel which is marked by strength, intelligence and dynamism interwoven with his mysterious charms that never fail to capture the heart of every belle that reads the book Yet again he is completely unimaginable without his lady love Scarlett O’Hara who is the protagonist of the novel. She portrays no lady like mannerisms though, highly pretentious, scheming and narcissistic to an extent;believing that there is no soul that has walked the earth who can dare compare itself to her own strength ,vigor, vivacity and charms . Needless to say, a perfect match for our dear Mr. Butler.
These qualities of Scarlett though are the few key reasons for her survival amongst all the adversities of the Yankees attacking South America that lead her to turn into a Scarlett with no sense of compassion, empathy or love for anyone but for herself and for her long time love Ashley Wilkes who she believes is the one and only man that she truly loves. Ashley Wilkes is married to his cousin Melanie who is a woman in true senses and sensibilities; loving, compassionate, understanding and clever but much monotonous a character as compared to Scarlett. What turns Scarlett belligerent towards Ashley is the fact that he chooses someone over her who is much of a simpleton as compared to her own lively and dynamic self. It is a blow to her ego…but she still believes she loves him despite everything; his marriage, her own marriage to various men. What she does fail to understand is that it is her ego that is unwilling to give up on Ashley; that she truly is best compatible with Rhett Butler who loves her with all his heart and despite all her negativities that she is forever brimming with. At a given point of time she does marry Rhett Butler but clearly for all his riches; he is fully aware of it and doesn’t mind it in the least bit. The turning point though comes when they lose their only daughter Bonnie who Rhett loves ferociously. That one incident turns their lives upside down and then there is nothing that stops Rhett from leaving Scarlett all by herself, her ego and her negativities. Though Scarlett does realize it in the end that she does love Rhett but it’s all over by then."Frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn", is all he has to say to her. Though the punch line occurs when he leaves her alone; begging and crying in the house and after he leaves she says to herself, “ Can’t think about that right now. If I do I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow”.
Over all a must read for all those who would love to read an extraordinary saga of love diligently fabricated with realism and pragmatism.

GONE WITH THE WIND Originally published in Shvoong:

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