A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember

To describe this book in a few words would be a foolish attempt. I will nevertheless try my best to portray the emotions that I felt while reading this book. This story is about two teens, Jamie and Landon. While Landon is your typical teenager with all the expected traits, Jamie is a sweet, serious and simple girl who is as far from cool as possible. Landon gets into trouble and lands up with weekend community service and a role in the drama club''s spring play with Jamie. Landon consults Jamie for help in the play and in the due course they become friends. He realizes the amazing qualities of a girl whom he ignored all his life and learns from her about caring less about what people think about him.
An unexpected romance begins in between them. However Jamie has a terrible secret which she soon reveals to Landon. This secret has the potential to shake the foundations of their relationship. In the process Landon learns an important lesson of doing what he thinks is right and the magic of love. Though this may seem a simple love story and you might be wondering how it might be different from any other love story. But I assure you Nicholas Spark has done an amazing job of captivating emotion, drama and the magic of love in his book. Once you finish reading this book, you will realize the value of your spouse or let alone anyone you love and fear loosing them. The end is guaranteed to envelope you in sadness and yet a feeling of happiness. You will lament at their loss and yet marvel at their gain. If I have not managed to convince you to go read this book, I recommend you to go watch the movie based on this book instead. The book is worthy of having a place in your mantelpiece.
A Walk To Remember Originally published in Shvoong:

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