Eleven Minutes

Eleven Minutes

From Brazillian Village,Maria grow up with a dreams in her heart that she will find her prince charming and fall in love and have wonderful children with the man who will be the fullfillment of her dreams. But Maria realized that the reality of life is cruel specailly in falling in love and loving someone.
During her adolecents year she fall in love and expercianced the bitter sweet of loving someone and starting seeking love that is not painful.
She grow up into a wonderful lady with mysterious aura caused by heartache and she dream again to travel to furthere land where she can make her dream come true to be a star. Her dream to travel was grandted when she earn enough money to travel to Rio.
The encounter with a rich guy in Rio convince here to work as a dancer in the night club, and again find her fighting to make her dream come true,for she refuse to come back to her home town without success and money to buy here parents a house and farm.From Rio she find her self traveling to Geneva and there she work as a prostetute,sleeping with different men for money every night, until she meet a young handsome painter-who change her view point about love..........
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