A life of illusion verses reality.

A life of illusion verses reality.

This book is an extraordinary work, he tells the story of a young single that was afraid to live, and that almost did not believe in happiness and even love, because of various frustrations suffered. So she is afraid of being cheated again, so it protects, protects itself by creating and hiding in his own world. Until fate throws at you in your life, causing her to believe again in love and people and happiness.

Among the many characters that appear in the book highlighted the greater the love itself, which makes our characters live intensely all his feelings and at times of their lives, are brought to live in a thin line between two worlds: the real and incomprehensible.

The events to come, let our illustrious characters, and panicked in the middle of almost cruel choices, leaving you curious reader, tried to take the role of each character throughout the plot of the book.

Every page you read will have a mix of drama and fiction, covering a small space between sanity is insane. Having the will to live in a world that seems not to know.

A life of illusion verses reality. Originally published in Shvoong:

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