Google, Google!!
Which is the most powerful search engine on the Internet? Which is the most sought-after? Which gives you the most results and the most relevant answers in the least time? You already guessed the answer to these questions? Yes, it is Google. The real master all search engines.
How can you go unnoticed that simplest yet imperial home? I have not seen such a simple, artful web page to start with. Go and try the Google experience, as much ways as you can, to collect whatever you want to have from the information super highway Google offers. It has no limitations, it is growing and growing ever. Its a world where you should not have to produce a passport to travel. Where you can go to anywhere you want, can enjoy the power of Google technology and a boundless treasure of knowledge.
I don’t know if I can say I am a Google addict, but I search it all days and maybe more than one Lakh times in the last few years. For a while, I tried to de-addict from it and ended up realizing that that is not easy to live or work without Google. Millions around the world search Google like me. You search for any specific areas ranging from cooking to space technology, Google will provide you with millions of answers and you can have exactly what you wanted. It is quite interesting to learn how Google bring out a new generation of Googlians, who eat, sleep and dream with Google. That’s the quality and the saying on Google, being only hated for its supreme dominance. The number of articles written on Google is amazing and the number of books on it too. I have also seen many cover stories on Google on the local magazines.
What makes Google a standout? You probably know the answer, I don't need to explain it. My purpose here is not to give lot of statistics on Google usage, its peculiar search techniques or the way it works. But I want to give you a testimony, what I found a long time ago, that there is nothing in this Cyber world that can match Google speed and accuracy. You test it, you start searching and you will agree too, and sooner than later, I am sure you will join the group of self-proclaimed Googlians.And here is an advance welcome to you to that wonderful world! Originally published in Shvoong:

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