The Memory of running

The Memory of running

The memory of running starts with the story of a man from Rod island, USA. Smithy Ide is a 43 years old fat, drinking and smoking bachelor, a man who is desperate from his life and from the possiblity of ever succeding to be happy and pleased. He lives alone, works in a frustrating job he doesn`t like. He has a narrow social circle and his entire family are his growing old parents. One bright day, Smithy`s parents dies on a car accident on their way back from a family vacation. Smithy is hurt and stunned, and doesn`t understand what`s going on around him. He arrives to his parents house and their there is a letter waiting for him, informing him that his sister`s body is found in Los Angeles. Smithy`s sister has vanished dozens of years earlier, in his youth.These events leaves Smithy overwhelmed and aching, he goes to the warehouse in his parents` house and finds his old rally bicycle. Spontaneously out of despair and grief he starts riding his bikes. What starts as a aimlessly night ride, turn into a long journy across USA, headed for Los Angeles. The road Smithy passes is not only in the roads and views of USA. Smithy enters a journy to his childhood, the hoops and dreams that accompanied his life, through adolescence where everything was shattered on the face of the painful reality and the tragedies that huanted his family. During the journy to himself and his sister`s grave, Smithy sheds memories, a great deal of body weight and many habits of himself. He reconnect to himself, that child he once was, to emotion and to love. Inside this simple story, comes up many insights of our lives, the confrontation with pains and personal tragedies, and the ability of individuals to overcome harsh twists of fate. This is a journy that represent us the splinter of the american dream, in the charcter of one man, Smithy ide. But author, Ron McLarty, shows us that even though the dream is broken, there is still hope even in a reality which is not that dreamy and perfect. He tells us aq story from every day life, a realistic story, the story of a little man, one of the crowd. The tragedies in his life, are everyday, and happens to many people among us. Despite bitterness and sadness in this drama, there is plenty of optimisim, opulence of love and comfort.
Highly recommended to any one looking for a voyage story taking place in the nature and landscapes of america and the humen soul. The story is written in a pleasent way, in a very pluent and simple language. Very optimistic, heart-moving and touching, reflective and identification of oneself.
The Memory of running Originally published in Shvoong:

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