A small love story

A small love story

A small love story:
A boy was in love with the salesgirl in CD shop, the boy was suffering from a cancer disease and only one month of his life was left…
The boy had never told that girl about his love towards her, everyday he went to the CD shop to meet her and bought a CD only to talk to her, but he failed to express his feelings every time.
After a month he died, but destiny take that girl to his house as he was a daily customer he went for giving bill slips to him. His mother informed the girl that he was no more. She showed interest to look into the boys room she went into the room and saw all CD’s purchased by him was unopened . The girl started crying loudly.  
You know why she cried because she was also in love with him and in each and every CD pack there was a love letter which she written to HIM
moral of the story:if u love someone......say to him directly don''t wait for the destiny to play the role.............otherwise u will lose that person
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