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SFI is owned by Carson Services Inc. The company markets a home business product distribution system designed to give manufacturers a means of widely distributing their products cheaply and give anyone a means to become financially independent.
They operate an MLM (Multi Layer Marketing) system that anyone across the world can join absolutely free. Then, as an 'affiliate' they sell products and earn commissions. Additionally, they can recruit other affiliates who will join the network through them and earn money from them too. All website maintenance, sales, orders, stocks, delivery and customer service are handled by SFI for the affiliate. All the affiliate has to do is point customers in the right direction (either by giving them the URL of their website, or by taking orders and payments themselves and entering the order on their site). Then, the affiliate simply watches the commissions roll in.
As a home business, this system can be instigated completely free - at no point are you required to spend money to fund your business. Real income can only be generated by advancing in rank, however. This is acheived by earning "Sales Volume Points" which are a rough guide of how much you are selling per month and by sponsoring other affiliates (getting people to join from your website). Therefore, rank can be acheived simply by selling the requisite number of products, or even by purchasing products yourself. Those who are willing to fund their business in this way will see their business grow faster, though everything can be acheive with no outlay, simply by sales alone.
In a nutshell, this system will, more than likely, take a long, long time to earn any kind of living wage for the affiliate. That said, as it is perfectly possible to be part of the network without paying anything (though the ability to earn commissions from those you have sponsored to the system requires EA rank, and therefore at least 10 SVP to be earned each month) it pays to be in the system, as it is quite possible that someone will decide to buy a product through your site. If that is the case, you can earn a commission simply by having submitted your site to search engines and the like. Equally, for those willing to put some work into the business - either promoting the business on or offline - more commissions are likely. Those willing to promote *and* invest will likely see results in just a few months.
This system is certainly not for everyone. But for people with time on their hands or those willing to put in a few extra hours of work a week, this could provide a valuable second income.
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