Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing

Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing

Jane’s love stories actually start with a story about her brother’s Henry first girlfriend. Eight years older than him, Julia was everything their parents dreamt off - pleasant, nice and helpful. Young Jane follows with great interest Henry and Julia’s relationship, trying to understand how their relationship works and why it eventually fails. Naturally, she does not get a clear answer for that.
Jane’s first real boyfriend is Jimmy. Their relationship is described in their journey to the Virgin Islands. They stay at Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend and her husband. Bella, the ex-girlfriend, is astonishingly beautiful. Bella makes a move on Jimmy and her husband Eve does the same with Jane. Jane doesn’t understand these jealousy games and demands an explanation. After six vacation days, quarrels, excuses and apologies, they make up. The vacation comes to its end and so does the relationship.
Jane’s second love story starts in the theatre at the age of 16. Jane and her great-aunt Rita spend time in Manhattan and while giving Jane advice about how to look beautiful and mysterious, Rita introduces her to Archie Knox, a well-known editor. According to her great-aunt, Archie is a man that women adore, and dogs follow him everywhere.
At 25, Jane meets Archie for the second time. His age is more than twice hers, and he mainly tries to improve her, even though she’s not sure she needs any improvement. He drinks and she leaves him. He writes a novel about them which end with the couple marring and Jane thinks that this is a nice ending for a love story.
They break up and after two years they get back together again. After a long relationship he asks her to marry him, she declines and they break up again.
The third guy in Jane’s life is wide and muscular, blond with blue eyes, suffering from depression and uses his suffering in his struggle to reveal himself. They break up. They get back together again. On a journey to Paris Jane discovers that although planning it, he finds it impossible to ask her to marry him. The ring stands between them. When she finally realizes that he never called her by her name, she ends their relationship.
In a friends wedding she meets Robert. This time, she tries to manage their relationship by a guide that explains how to meet and marry Mr. Right, but this only gets her rejected by Robert. After many years of relationships with different types of men, Jane realizes that there are no rules in love.
In The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing the readers are introduced in a humoristic, shrewd and touching fashion to Jane Rosenal’s life through her love stories, her relationship with her parents and brother, her confrontation with her father’s cancer and her breast cancer and even with her relationship with her employer and changes in her career. Each and one of the readers can find him/her self in this book one way or another, maybe because after all, we all look for love.

Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing Originally published in Shvoong:

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