Anything for you , ma''m

Anything for you , ma''m

Indian authours have been famous for serious kind of work. Usually the ones loaded with philosophy, divinity , high emotions are the ones that are popular with the Indian tag. However I have come across a wonderful book. Wonderful not so much in the style of writing but in the content and the fact that it captured the young mind very well.
Anything for you ma''m is a book written by a young gentlemen still finishing his college from India''s best engineering institute and has depicted well about what the young people here and several college goers often go through. Education is serious business in India and not even the thought of enjoying the adrelanin rushes of youth, meeting the opposite sex or fun time is allowed especially when you get to go to a premier institutes. So this authour depicts with a bit if comedy how he walks the tight rope of trying not to hurt his family and yet enjoy his youthful days.
How he manages to make an impression upon a fine younglady, his sisters'' friend actually and how he gets to go and see her overcoming several obstructions and weaving amazing stories and nearly getting caught several times, forms the plot of it.
As I was reading through I felt I could identify with the character of Tejas, though he was a boy even we girls had to lie and hide so many times when we wanted to visit discos or go to picnics.... how we used to plot keeping in mind different angles and people to avoid getting caught....
The language is very colloquial and not something that I usually appreciate especially when youngsters read these books and tend to use the same expressions in the name of fad thereby ignoring the grammatical erros completly.
Anything for you , ma''m Originally published in Shvoong:

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