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Romeo and Juliet: A Modern Day Sequel

We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet: two young lovers, a deep love, a tragic end. It’s a classic story that has been reenacted many times. A few have even tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to make a modern version. But what if there was a sequel. What if the last scene in the play was only the beginning? What if Romeo and Juliet met in modern times? Would their affair still end tragically? Would they even meet? In Romeo and Juliet: A Modern Day Sequel, Romeo finds himself in a very different world than he expected. He had expected to be reunited with his love in the afterlife. Instead, he ends up in modern day Hawaii in the care of a Zen Buddhist Master who encourages him to let go of his past.Juliet has been reincarnated. She has no clue about her past. In this life, she is a successful actress Emma (Emilie) Gallant with a troubled love life. The man of her dreams, John, is nothing but a user, a married user at that. At one point, he actually encourages Emilie to date other people. Distraught, she begins an online relationship with a man calling himself Romeo. Romeo and Juliet: A Modern Day Sequel is a tale worthy of Romeo and Juliet. It is a beautiful, touching contemporary love story. Yet, it also manages to successfully and seamlessly reflect all the important aspects of the original play and its intentions. Very well done.
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