United Nations in Haiti

To help the people of Haiti to respond to this catastrophe, Google is donating $ 1 million to local organizations that rescue those still trapped and provide clean water, food, medical care, shelter and support to all those affected.

We would like to make it easier for everyone who is touched by the tragedy will help too. Therefore, in our homepage, add a link to information, resources and ways on how you can help, and also about making donations to organizations like Direct Relief, Yele Haiti, Partners in Health, American Red Cross, World Food Programme Mercy Corps, Save the Children, Lambi Fund, Medecins Sans Frontieres and the International Rescue Committee.

You can also use the information below to make donations to other organizations that have opened accounts to help in Haiti.

Donate to CARE International Brazil

CNPJ: 04.180.646/0001-59
Bank 356 - Real Santander ABNAmro
Agency 0373
Account: 5756365-0

Donate to UNICEF

CNPJ: 03744126/0001-69.
Bank of Brazil
Agency 3382-0
Current Account No. 404700-1

Donate to Viva Rio

CNPJ: 00343941000128
Bank of Brazil
Agency 1769-8
Account 5113-6

Donate to the Haiti SOS

Bank of Brazil
Agency 1606-3
Current Account 91000-7
Deposits can be made of any part of Brazil in branches and ATMs of BB.

In addition, we provide data to the Map Maker UN organizations, and the team is working with the Map Your World Community to encourage users of Map Maker with local knowledge to update the map of Haiti with information in response to this disaster. We received requests for aid organizations and our users to publish the set of images of the country. One of our partners image, GeoEye, gave us the post-earthquake images of Haiti. See the Lat Long blog (in English) to see updated images.

We also ask help from the YouTube community. A video of the moment at home and a symbol throughout the site drives traffic to the videos of Oxfam and the American Red Cross, where you can donate to relief efforts. In Citizentube, we offer a dynamic playlist of videos coming from Haiti: you'll find an extensive collection of reports from citizens, news clips and personal accounts of some of the victims.

Although this is a relief effort launched by Google in the United States to help Brazilians are very welcome!

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