Little Women

Little Women

The story begins with a boring christmas as experienced by Meg, Josephine, Beth and Amy. They actually had no christmas gifts for want of cash. The plot thickens over the year however. Their father comes back home from war and they have a kind neighbour in the person of Laurie and his grandfather. Beth almost lost her life but narrowly escaped death. But lets get detailed, the best way to do this would be to study the girls'characters.

Just after the first Christmas, the girls kinda discovered their neighbours. Actually it was the brash and rash Jo who did this. Jo was the tomboy of the family and fancied herself the man of the house. It was not surprising therefore that she felt sorry for her lonely neighbour. Besides, she prferrred guys'company to ladies'. With the discovery of Laurie and Laurence, a whole new season of fun began for the family.

Meg was the eldest sister and mothered her siblings to death. she liked the finer things of life and was often sorry about being poor. More than once she got ito scrapes by hanging out with richer pple and living a life higher than her head, but her loving family especially mother always set her back on track.

Beth was the 'Mouse' of the family. Very quite and never disagreeable for any reason whatsoever. She actually contracted a deadly disease for being extra nice to a family suffering from the plague.

Amy was the superstar. She was pretty and conceited for her age. Even preety Meg held no candle to her lovely head of golden curls. Everyone struggled to pull her down from her high nd mighty stronghold so her pride wont lead to a fall.

Mother and Father March were saints, and succeeded in turning their roost of Little Women into Good Wives.

I'm still reading good wives, so the summary would come some oda time.

in the meantime, just before the Little Women became Good Wives, tey experienced one of the best christmases ever, counting their blessings and being grateful.

Little Women Originally published in Shvoong:

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