Computer Assisted Education System for Laboratory Technicians

Computer Assisted Education System for Laboratory Technicians

The use of computer-aided learning (CAL) in medical education has grown considerably in recent years. The strategies introduced to overcome learning problem were CAL in which a bank of multiple choice questions was used for revision and self-assessment. The complexities of higher education and the availability of creative invention led to the use of technologies to simplify and to help with teaching difficult subjects. In computer-based medical education, there is frequently a need to present students with pictorial data representative of the natural variation associated with disease presentations as well as the progression of disease within an individual.
In the undergraduate education of laboratory technologists, practical training courses in a hospital are extremely important to gain knowledge, skills and attitudes. To supplement practical training of students, employing clinical simulation teaching materials using a computer assisted education system is popular nowadays. A series of e-learning course wares on laboratory tests for blood transfusion are created using pictures taken during our daily work. The pictures are arranged with questions, answers and commentaries, uploaded to the server in the university, and offered to the students. It is desirable to establish an organization to collect peer reviewed high quality e learning materials that can be shared with nationwide educators teaching tomorrow's laboratory technologists.
The workplace today requires communication skills, group work and inquiry-based, problem-solving abilities. Media not only helps in academic but it also helps the clinical aspect of laboratory in conjunction. Next few segments of this article let us discuss how media helps medical laboratory technologist in their clinical activities.

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