Lady Rowena: The Royal Orphan

Lady Rowena: The Royal Orphan

This is a historical romance book set between the American and French revolution; it is passionate, adventurous, and filled with historical facts during that time period. It is the story of a young boy who was allowed to run wild with American Indians called the Five Nations. He was a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars, and later befriended by an African King, and Arabian Sheik who became life long friends. It is a story of intrigue, bitterness, and love leading finally to peace with God. Throughout the life of The Marquis of Rueford, he has encountered much pain, grief through the daily beatings of his mother from his stepfather The Duke of Royse, and betrayal by his own cousin, and stepfather. He has become bitter, cynical, and hardened by life’s trials and tribulations. He later learns to love and find peace after meeting Rowena an orphan girl who is found later to be related to the Queen of England. This is a story of intrigue and romance; very good book.
The English Ambassador was astonished to learn that the Mysterious Privateer Captain was the Marquis of Rueford; he had the advantage of high friends in international high places. He was a tough hard faced adventurer.  He had the look, and manner of a worldly man who was used to violence. Many people considered him a ruthless pirate and adventurer it was difficult to associate him as an aristocrat, the son of a legendary English duke. It was rumored that his real father was an exiled prince related to the late King of France; and had been a spy for the French and the English governments during the French and American Revolutions. He was an extremely, rich, and elusive man, whom many beautiful women found attractive. He was tired of countless, women chasing him, and trying to lead him into matrimony.  
The Marquis is a determined bachelor, who wants to stay unmarried. He finds women boring, and had never attempted to win any woman’s heart until he saw Rowena, a mysterious beauty who captured his heart. Love and passion is ignited in them in spite of danger, intrigue, and deception in a world caught up in a treacherous conflict between nations.
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Lady Rowena: The Royal Orphan Originally published in Shvoong:

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