A girl with a pearl earring.

A girl with a pearl earring.

"Chicago Sun Times" probably used the most beautiful and felicitous
words to tell about this story.This is a story about words which have
never been spoken, useless situations, bounce possibilities and lips
which have never been kissed. Tracy Chevalier - an author of "A girl
with a pearl earring" is mixing the truth with fiction to show us
the origin of one of the most interesting
paintings in History of Art -"A girl with a pearl earring" Dutchman artist Johaness Vermeer. It's 1665 -
Dutch town Delft. 17 years-old Griet is
starting her job in the painter Johaness Vermeer's house. He's
becoming interested in her because a girl has a feeling for the
colours, light and compassionate soul like he. Although there are many
factors: origin, manners, education which differ them, the
attraction between them is too strong to resist each other's
charm. The climax is when Vermeer's patron comissions the artist to
paint Griet. Can the artist and his beautiful muse cross this limit -
thin line between them? This is a wonderful and and subtle story about
feeling which shouldn't be born.
A girl with a pearl earring. Originally published in Shvoong:

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