Something Borrowed and Something Blue

Something Borrowed and Something Blue

These two books from Emily Giffin made me rethink about my life and my relationship with my family, my friends and my special someone.
Something Borrowed is about choosing between years of friendship and the man of your dreams. Does the end justify the means? Or is there really a sweet fruit of betrayal?
Something Blue is the continuation of Something Borrowed and this one greatly explored the struggles of a woman in search of herself and her true love. Learn how bad karma can be a good one in this book.
Let us begin with Rachel. She is a nice girl who slept with her best friend''s fiancé, Dexter, on the night of her 30th birthday. Rachel is not desperate though. Rachel first met Dex on their college years and Rachel doesn''t have a spark of love yet to Dex. Dex appears to be a good guy so Rachel introduced him to her pretty best friend, Darcy. Dex and Darcy fell in love and decided to get married. Rachel on the other hand is single and successful. When Rachel slept with Dex, she then realized that she is in love with him and everything is turning upside down. Dex being a true gentleman and is unconsciously in love with Rachel since college, broke off with Darcy. Dex realized that he can''t go by another day completely happy without spending it with Rachel. They are meant for each other.
With these events, Darcy was devastated. Nevertheless, she has a pair share of wickedness. While she is still engaged with Dex, she is sleeping with Dexter''s friend, Marcus. Darcy enjoyed steamy moments with Marcus but is still very much affected with Dex and Rachel''s relationship.
Marcus being a total slacker dumped Darcy and she being pregnant desperately went back to Dex but failed. Wanting to start a new life, Darcy went to London and stayed with Ethan, Darcy and Rachel''s childhood friend. In London, having no one to turn to aside from Ethan and being treated as a commoner, Darcy was able to taste the dose of her own medicine. Unintentionally, Ethan and Darcy fell in love unconditionally. Being with Ethan brought out the best in her and made her responsible and compassionate. They have become a family of devoted passion and Ethan accepted her two sons. Darcy then understands love and friendship. Being completely a different Darcy now, made her find the way back to Rachel''s friendship and acquaintance with Dexter.
Love and friendship are what make us who we are, and what can change us, if we let them.
These books made me laughed, confused, heartbroken and fall in love all over again. I hope you will too...

Something Borrowed and Something Blue Originally published in Shvoong:

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