Money Live

Money Live

Cash is a Brazilian soap opera produced by TV Tupi, presented in August 1979 and January 1980. Written by Mario Prata and directed by José de Anchieta.
* This was the last that the soap opera TV Tupi could take until the final chapter, as the others, Dracula, a Love Story and How to Save My Marriage, were exhibited incomplete. "Dracula" was only 4 chapters appear and "Save As" was removed from the air 20 episodes before its outcome.
* The plot of the novel was controversial, and that laboratory of ideas made by Mario Prata had been refused by Rede Globo.
* A curiosity is that this schedule was maintained, while others were knocked out. The Tupi fought with Globo also in three hours, but two of them were already in repetitions: Seagulls, replaced by a second exhibition of The Prophet and time of 20h, with a reprise of The Scarecrow.
* The time from 20h again with productions such as How to Save My Marriage, but three weeks before the end, was replaced by a reprise of The Journey.
* It was the first novel from actress Maite Proença.
* The theme of the telenovela was controversial because it addressed the problems arising from the arbitrariness in the full period of military dictatorship in Brazil.

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