The Kamasutra is one of the ancient books dedicated to erotic love.

The book is more than a mere book on sex and it enlightens us in depth about the art of living for which we have to find the right partner and of driving the power in a successful marriage. It also deals with committing adultery, living with or as a courtesan, and the usage of drugs.

The book does go in depth on the varied and different postures in which lovers can indulge in sexual intercourse in order to derive the ultimate pleasure out of the variety.

This book was originally composed in the language of Sanskrit, which the mother of all languages, and a literary language of ancient India during the third century AD.

Kamasutra is an encyclopedia covering all the possible aspects of sex including sexual psychology, dramatic, and narrative seduction.

This book discusses the history of the Kamasutra, attitudes towards gender and sex, and sexual violence, and sexual ethics.
Kamasutra Originally published in Shvoong:

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