The Notebook

The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks made his readrers cried once more in hi book The Notebook. Another heartwarming and touching story was made again by an author who has a reputation to end a beautiful story with a tragic ending.
Sparks started the story with two old man and woman who are both in a nursing home.The old man tells a stroy to this woman that was written and kept in the old man's notebook. The old man's story started with the two young couple who were at the peak of their teenage life. Allie, the protagonist of the stor, was seventeen years old then when she Noah Calhoun. Noah was a persistent guy who wanted to take Allie out. Romance blossomed to the both of them as they started to know each other and spared most of their times together. Although they also had few fights, their love for each other is so strong.
But life isn't easy to handle at all. Allie came from a very rich family and was only in the town for summer vacation.Noah,on the other hand,came from the opposite world of Allie, earning only 40 cents per hour in his job. Futhermore, Allie's parents most especially her mother, made a way for Noah and Allie to break apart. Thus,ending the very sweet summer romance between the two.
Years had passed and the both of them have walked their lives. Noah joined the military and gained enough money while Allie continued to go to college and found herself a fiance. Everything ran smoothly in their lives until Noah saw Allie in a hotel on where she was kissing her fiance. Noah was badly hurt on what he saw. He then decided that he would rebuild the house that he promised would be a dream house for both of them. He thoigh that through this, Allie would came back to him again. Allie saw the newspaper ad with Noah's picture and the newly brenovated house.After that, she just found herself stepping her feet once more to that memorable house, and having dinner with Noah while they reminisced the past.
Noah and Allie brought back their love to each other. And when they were just starting to dream again, Allie's mother put Allie back to reality that she had a fiance.Her fiance followed her all the way through there. At that point, she knew she had to decide on whom would she choose. But in the end,Allie's fiance gave way and let Allie and Noah be together again.
Like most of the stories, they lived happily ever after. It was just when the old woman realized that it is her own story.She was Allie and the old man was Noah.But after five minutes,she forgot all of it again. And Noah,old as he is, tries really hard to help Allie remember their past even though the doctor already said him that there's no more hope to it. And then one day, a nurse saw them together in the bed,holding each other's hand. Thus, they died together in each other' arms.
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