I walked into the big forest a day, I walked into the big forest. I walk slowly in big forest, walk.Suddenly, my the left side rushes out an animal, once I see is a small white rabbit, be I want to hold tight it of time, it but on jumping and then jumped the behind of a few big trees, after I also turn round to arrive at the big tree, on see:!There are a few big lions in the big tree neighborhood, among them seeming the lion king, see it say only:" If you see someone enter into the inside of the forest, we must eat up him!" Hear the lion, the king says thus, I retreat slowly, then I run, run.The king of the lion seems to come in sight of me, say:" Someone entered in to come in the forest!" They rushed out, I hide right away after a big tree, wait they run far, I toward another a direction run, running an is like the fortress front of the similar house, seeing only once the door open, coming out a person, he says to me:" Are you the stray kid in the forest?" I say:" Yes.Uncle, could you take do I go home?"" Can." The uncle's answer.Once I hear jump to get up happily, hear" PENG! " only of a- I dropped to the bed to descend!Originally this is a dream.
books Originally published in Shvoong:

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