Swept Away

Swept Away

We met not too long ago for about the second or two while waiting for
our orders at Kinko’s. There was an instant attraction but we’d been
down that road before so I held back my excitement of seeing him. I was
polite and tried to start up a conversation. It was like no time had
passed from when we last saw each other. We each looked the same and
from the few moments of conversation no major life events had occurred
to make it impossible to the prospect of dating again. We exchanged
phone numbers and went on our way. <br><p>After several deep
conversations about the past, present, and prospects for the future
regarding our careers, we became friends again. It took many months to
get to where we are now such a deep affection and understanding of each
<p>I didn’t know what was going on at first. I thought it was a crush.
I ignored my thoughts of him, figuring my feelings were mistaken by
admiration. I found that we had more in common that I thought, and as
time past, we began spending more time together. I realized that I felt
good around him and he made me feel special. He is someone who can make
me smile and have a good time with. His gift for making me laugh with
his wacky sense of humor makes me feel like I am the only one in the
room. <p>Suddenly, I turned around one day and he was there right
when I needed to be comforted from the stresses of life. I felt secure
and safe knowing things would be alright. From that moment, I knew he
was starting to be more to me than before. He captured a part of
myself I thought was lost. The part of life that needed to be filled
with compassion, romance, adventure, spontaneity and desire. I felt
that I wouldn’t ever experience something that wonderful again. “You
entered my life unexpectedly, and now I have decided it would be a
waste to not act on these feelings I have for you. You are beginning to
have a strong affect over me I can’t control.” <p>There is
nothing ordinary about this person. He understands my ups and downs and
is supportive to help me through it. He lifts my spirits in ways that I
never imagined possible. His spirit and zest for life keeps my on my
toes and I enjoy every moment of it. Our interests are similar or even
the same. We can share our different experiences in life and in
business to build a stronger relationship for the future. We encourage
each other to never give up on our hopes, dreams, and goals. It all
fits perfectly. We work together to attain those things and support each other to never let go. <p>We
talk for hours and never a moment of silence. I can’t begin to count
all the times we spoke of traveling together and sharing different
experiences allowing the other person to experience something new. We
have learned so much from each other already. I feel so open and
comfortable talking about anything. I really don’t want our
relationship to unfold too quickly because half of the excitement and
mystery is getting there. I enjoy not knowing what will happen moment
to moment and being utterly swept off my feet. I don’t think I ever had
that. It has been hard tiptoeing to a level I wanted to reach
especially well… last night.
Every time I looked in his eyes for
months, my heart would beat faster, my hands would become clammy,
emotions would come over me like I had this intense desire for
something physical. Yet, all along I just wanted a sweet, deep,
passionate kiss. That’s all. And then, I looked into his eyes, my heart
started racing, desiring something I knew he wasn’t ready for,
abandoning all emotion, I kissed him. I excepted to be pushed away but
it seemed as if the kiss lasted for a few long minutes. What really
happened is he kissed me back and embraced me tight telling me he
wanted me as much as I wanted him. I have been swept away by the magic of love.
© 2005
Swept Away Originally published in Shvoong:

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