Edicy-Free Website Hosting With Affiliate Program

Edicy-Free Website Hosting With Affiliate Program

Edicy is a super basic tool to generate a website with. Just pointer higher and your site will be online in minutes. You can commence adding pictures, texts, types, cinemas or whatever then to your site right away.

Edicy was written in lead to deliver businesses and individuals a straightforward service that they could exercise to write professionally arranged websites speedily without any systematic knowledge. Current tools available are overly complex and they regularly require that you hire expensive designers and programmers to build and continue websites.

Edicy is built to simplify this whole process. Edicy is so straightforward to exercise you can build a site for your finance or organization and have it survive on the World Wide Web in a material of minutes. All the tools are available online with no other software wanted, just pick one of our beautifully organised strategies, enter your text, add your photos and afterward publish your site to your have behaviour web address, it’s that simple.

Who ought exercise Edicy? Edicy is flexible enough to be adapted by anyone staring to generate a website but our strengthen is on users any person who don’t know what programming words a website requires and don’t want to know. If you’re staring to receive a site higher for your small finance or provincial inhabitants organization and you're staring to do it speedily and basically afterward Edicy is right for you.

You can even make money with Edicy with its Affiliate Program.

When you pointer higher to the affiliate program, you will receive a unique referral code. When a user enters your code into their site settings or after compensating for Edicy, you receive credit for the sale.

You will receive 25% from every subscription:

6 month plan (€60) -- €15 to you

1 year plan (€96) -- €24 to you

2 year plan (€144) -- €36 to you

We compensate off the balance every 30 days, as prolonged as you have organised at least €50. Payments are organised through PayPal.
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