Presentation in Public

Presentation in Public

Presentation and Public Speaking in English A presentation is a formal talk to one or more people that presents ideas or information in a clear structured way. All the presentations have a common objective; people give presentations because they want to communicate in order to; Inform Train, Persuade and Sell.A successful presentation is one of the most effective ways of communicating your message. We will start by exploring the importance of preparation. After that we will consider what equipment to use, then we will look at how to deliver a presentation, and then we will examine the language of presentations, before moving on to the presentation itself. Finally we will conclude with a review of what we have covered. Most speakers are a little nervous at the beginning of a presentation. So it is normal to have nervous. The answer is to pay special attention to the beginning of your presentation, impressions count. This is the time when you stabiles a report with your audience this time, try to speak slowly and calmly. You should perhaps learn your introduction heart. After a few moments, you will relax and gain confidence. You need to build a warm and friendly relationship with your auddience. Visual aids are an extremely effective,each person should feel are speaking directly to him or her. This means that you must look at each person as natural a way as possible. It is better to stand rather than sit when maker presentation. Be aware the movement of your body is one of your methods of control. When you move to the whiteboard, for example. It is of course, important that your audience be able to hear you clearly through presentation. Remember that if you turn away from your audience you need to speak a little more loudly. You can vary you at least thee ways: Speed, intonation and volume. Finally you can conclude with a review of what you have covered.
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