Who would have thought it?

Who would have thought it?

She was trapped and she knew it. She had thought it would be all she wanted and needed, but now she saw it clearly. He’d trapped her. Slowly as the pieces fell into place in her mind it all made sense. Was she such a fool that she hadn’t seen his intentions? Was the old saying true? Was she blinded by love? She paced the living room, of their new apartment, looking out over the pool, she retraced her thought path. Had he really trapped her or was this what she wanted? How could she have wanted this? She was independent, smart, and in control. Now what did she have? Control over the dishwasher? She fell back onto the couch, allowing her long black hair to flow freely across the back of their cream leather suite. Della closed her eyes and saw immediately the first time they had met…
…He was all she’d thought he would be. His picture hadn’t belied a thing. He was average to most people passing him by, but to her he was the most wonderful man she’d ever seen. He had deep set blue eyes that spoke a thousand words he didn’t say. He was slightly tanned, and spoke with a passion for life that was intoxicating. She knew that second as he came through the arrivals gate that he was meant for her. Any doubts she’d had were totally erased in that second. They had met in an internet chat room. Neither could recall why they had ended up in that room or what it was that they were looking for, but they’d chatted for most of that night and everyday for several hours since, for the last eight months. They had tried to meet once before but it had been difficult to arrange and had fallen through at the last minute, because of his work commitments. Her disappointment and over anxiousness had shown at this point and she thought she’d loose him. At the time she didn’t understand his reasons for not coming and so she thought he’d just decided that he didn’t want to be with her. They fought and she knew she was over bearing with him, but could hardly stop herself such had her feelings become. Even when she tried to rationalise that she couldn’t feel so strongly for someone she had never met. But all the time they talked over the net and on the phone she knew he was the one for her she knew that this was meant to be. And though she couldn’t explain why she knew she just knew.
He walked through the arrivals gate with the confidence of a man with the winning lottery ticket in his back pocket. He saw her first and slowed down to absorb her beauty. She was to him the most perfect of his perfect dreams. Long wavy black hair, petite and flawless to look at, well at the very least he thought so, and in that instant he also thought that the photo’s she’d sent him didn’t do her justice. He knew he would feel this way when he saw her and immediately he wanted to scoop her up and protect her from the world. He saw her smile as she recognised him, first a shy closed smile and then a broad beaming smile when he reciprocated her smile. He watched her shoulders relax and her whole body smile as he shared the moment with her. Now he quickened his pace and took her in his arms, kissing her first softly and gently then with the speed to catch up on what they’d both wanted the last eight months.
Taking his hand she smiled and said, “Not here. Let’s go” Unlike him she was not used to such public displays of affection and it was not something that her culture viewed very fondly.
Who would have thought it? Originally published in Shvoong:

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