Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

The most romantic tale ever made in history, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare is known for its pages filled with unconditional love. The characters of the book, Romeo and Juliet, have always been, and still are, the perfect examples for true lovers all over the world. The fable beings in the streets of Verona, where another scuffle breaks out between the servants of Montague and Capulet, which are two disputing noble families. The few who try to stop the fights end up joining the fight themselves. Prince Escalus, the prince of Verona, out of desperation to end the violence between the two noble families and restore peace, decided to verdict a death sentence to anyone who disrupts the peace of Verona.
Romeo the son of Montague, after a lot of persuation, confesses to Benvolio, his cousin, about his love for Rosaline. He talks to Benvolio about how Rosaline does not return his love. Benvolio tries to convince Romeo that there are other prettier women to fall for, but Romeo remains stubborn.
Paris, a kinsman of the prince, asks for the hand of Juliet, the beautiful daughter of Capulet. Since Juliet is only fourteen, Capulet asks Paris to wait for about two more years. Capulet decides to hold the traditional masquerade party and feast, and includes Paris in the list of invitees, so that Juliet would get to know Paris well and eventually fall in love with him. Capulet hands over the list to a servant who clashes into Romeo and Benvolio. Benvolio suggests to Romeo that they go to the feast, so that he forgets Rosaline and sees the other beautiful girls of Verona. Romeo agrees to it, but only because he also catches Rosaline’s name in one of the invitations. After Lady Capulet, Juliet’s mother talks to her about Paris, Juliet agrees to meet Paris in the party, so that she could take a decision regarding their marriage.
On the day of the feast, Romeo, Benvolio and their friend Mercutio sneak into Capulet’s house. The moment Romeo sees Juliet, he forgets all about Rosaline and instantly falls in love with Juliet. Though a Capulet named Tybalt recognizes Romeo as a Montague, Capulet prevents Tybalt from creating a commotion because of this. When Romeo talks to Juliet, Juliet also falls in love with him and returns his kiss, not even knowing each others name. Later, when they find out that the other is the child of the rival family, they grow terribly upset. Before Romeo leaves, he exchanges words of love with Juliet.
Friar Lawrence, a lawyer and friend of Romeo, after Romeo confesses to him about his love for Juliet, agrees to get them married in secrecy. Romeo marries Juliet in the lawyer’s room.
In a dual, Tybalt kills Mercutio and in rage, Romeo kills Tybalt and hence, gets banished from Verona forever. When Juliet hears the news, she becomes distraught, but still supports her husband in the name of love. On the wedding night, a nurse, who is also told about the whole plot, arranges for a ladder to be placed in front of Juliet’s room for Romeo to visit Juliet. Accordingly, Romeo comes to Juliet’s room and spends the whole night with her, his wife.
The morning arrives and Romeo parts from Juliet, unsure whether he would even meet her again. Juliet soon hears that her father had planned to get her married to Paris within three days. In total distress, she goes to Friar Lawrence for advice. They conceive a plan, according to which Juliet was to drink a potion which would make her temporarily dead, but she could be revived back.
Unexpectedly, the marriage gets shifted one day ahead of schedule and Juliet quickly drinks the potion. The next day, Juliet is found dead. The Capulets grieve Juliet’s death. But the note explaining the plan to Romeo never reaches him. When he hears about Juliet’s death,he decides to kill himself near the tomb of Juliet and gets himself some poison. He runs to the grave, to find Paris filling Juliet’s grave with flowers. They begin quarrelling and Romeo ends up killing Paris. When he sees Juliet dead, he consumes the poison and falls dead. Juliet wakes up and seeing Romeos dead body, kisses him and kills herself with his dagger.
Grieved, Montague and Capulet arrive at the scene and decide to set aside their differences, after Montague tells out that Lady Montague died out of grief, hearing her son’s death. They raise golden statues of Romeo and Juliet, side by side and harmony finally comes into existence in Verona.
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