The Haiti Earthquake - Details About Haiti

The Haiti Earthquake - Details About Haiti

The strongest earthquake in 200 years struck the caribbean city of Port-au-Prince of Haiti on Tuesday, 12th Jaunary in the afternoon causing widespread destruction of life and property.The epicenter of the quake was just off the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince.The preliminary speculations suggested almost 100000 dead or injured in the natural disaster.While the news about the disaster is available everywhere, most of us are still not aware about Haiti. Let us go into the demographics of Haiti herein.
LOCATION OF HAITI: Haiti is located in the Caribbean (between North and South America), western one-third of the island of Hispaniola, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, west of the Dominican Republic. The offshore islands of Tortuga and Gonâve also belong to Haiti. Jamaica lies to the west and Cuba to the northwest of Haiti. It is situated in the western part of Hispaniola, which is the
2nd largest island in the Greater Antilles (one of the 3 island groups in the Caribbean -- it comprises of Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico). It is just beside the Dominican Republic.

PEOPLE, LANGUAGES, RELIGION : Haiti is one of the most impoverished countries with the GDP amounting to just $2 per person per day on the whole. Most of the population is of African origin. The sparse non-black poluation os mostly of the Arabs and Jews.As less as 400 is the population of the Asian Migrants which are mostly chinese.
French is the official business language whereas the Haitian Croele is spoken by all the people of Haiti and has been recently standardised. Majority of the people are Christians and more specifically Roman Catholics.Haitian vodou is a faith unique to this country and is practiced by an undetermined population of the country. Haiti has a rich culture primarily of French and African elements with some influence from colonial spanish.

HISTORY : Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1492 and claimed it for Spain.The western part of the island was inhabited by French pirates. French and Spain hostilities were settled in the treaty of 1697.The US occupied the island from 1915 to 1934.

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