oil spill

Ten years after the oil spill that caused in the Komi Republic, the largest pollution on land that has news, small country in northern Russia has not got rid of all the effects of the disaster. At the time, experts said that if emergency measures were taken immediately, it would take 25 years to improve the situation in the affected area - a range of 2 100 hectares near the city of Usinsk, one of the coldest places on earth, the limits of region known as the Arctic Circle.

The 102 000 tonnes of oil leaked from pipelines malconservados oil companies entered the frozen earth and still threaten the health of its residents. Officially, the accident happened on October 17, 1994 and was caused by a levee break in oil. But, it was discovered after the leak began in July and lasted until September - the government tried to hide the tragedy from the rest of the world.

In Brazil, the worst tragedy caused by pipeline leakage occurred in 1984, with the rupture of a pipeline of Presidente Bernardes Refinery in Cubatao. The fuel caught fire and killed 38 people

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