Men arent what they used to be

Men arent what they used to be

Listen ladies as I speak the truth. Our men have strayed and it is truly our fault. You see we as women have lost our way, we stand for nothing so we fall for anything. We let our men get away with murder and then we stil lay down with them at night. We have dropped our standards,lost our self esteem and thrown the rules right out the door. Now dont get me wrong I"m not a big believer in that knight and shinning armor but we have to have something to hold on to. Men today have it made they have several women they fool around with and then they have the clueless one who stays at home and cooks and cleans and takes cares of the kids. If you can believe this I have heard some of my very own friends say"shoot girl as long as he takes care of me I dont care what he does. We as women have slipped into a position of accepting the BS that most men throw our way and its crazy. The state of relationships today is scary and sick. I can count on one hand how many women I know who are in healthy, happy relationships and thats sad. If we as women dont stand up and stop accepting toxic men in our lives we are doomed to be unhappy for the rest of our lives. We have dropped our standards and our pretty little lace panties and as long as were getting some it dosnt matter who else hes messing around with. Men are not made of the same stock they used to be back in the day and women have become to loose and free with theiri bodies. Why should a man settle for one women when he can have his pick of any woman he wants. It's like burger king they can have it their way and then still go back home to you. Ladies we forgive to little and trust to much . Wake up and realise that if we as women continue to accept these toxic men back into our lives even after they have strayed then we get what we deserve and then some. Wake up ladies and smell reality if a man cheats on his wife, girlfriend you better believe he will cheat on you.
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