The smile of the Lamb

The smile of the Lamb

Kan Ya Makan Fil Kadim Fil Zaman (Once upon a time - in arabic)
In this way the arab, resident of the occupied teritorys, in the time after the war of 6 days, is teling a story to his son, Hilmi, how will become a terorist/fridem fighter in the Palestinian brigades.
And on the other side stands the hero of this book, Isralien soldier, who is looking for his soul in Gaza and Genin.
The story travels on time from one point of the plot to another, going backwords and forwords interducing the Israelian-Palesitinian Tragedy when it was still fresh after the war/
This is a sad and touching story from an auther who knows well the arab world as well as his world, the Israelian one.
The reader is srounded with storys on one hand and then falls to the ground of reality of this despute everyone suffer from.
Then, 40 years ago, as now, we see not a lot have changed in this bloody dispute. there are no rights or rongs, only people who suffer and pain the situation and the actions they are brought to do because of it.
The auther create a world which his laws are absord as his charchters.
highly recomended.
The smile of the Lamb Originally published in Shvoong:

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