The Last Chance

The Last Chance

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Another splendid book from from the list of the literature-
mastermind, Harlan Coben. There is no doubt that the person who looks for a suspense book, would be surprised of the mystery concealed in this book. In every moment there is an innovation and when you are certain you've come to the right conclusion, you are actually defeated. The book starts with the protagonist lying in the hospital, after the murder of his wife, while his baby-daughter disappears. After a while he gets a phone call, offering him "the deal of his life" - his baby back, in exchange for a large amount of money.The deal is accompanied with critical term, of not involving the police.
Our hero struggles with the question and makes an awful
mistake that will be clarified during the story. The characters in the story, are undoubtedly varied; There is the best friend of the hero, who would do anything for him; There is his mysterious childhood lover Rachel; There is
even his deceased wife's alienated and wealthy father.
What will happen after the mistake, and will the hero be given another chance after the one he did to return his daughter? Is she even alive!?
The Last Chance Originally published in Shvoong:

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