How to Start Your Own Affiliate Program

How to Start Your Own Affiliate Program


If you have the intention of creating a product, it will be best to include among your strategies, effective marketing techniques that will quickly get word about your products and services out and all over the internet. An effective way of doing this is creating an affiliate program where, for a commission, people can help you advertise your products and services. You do not have to pay them until they make a sale for you.
There are quite a few ways you can go about creating an affiliate program. Quite a few internet marketers use third party payment processors. These are websites that stand as a go-between for merchants and prospective clients. You could either decide to let these websites do the setting up of your affiliate program for you in the sense that all they would do is list your products under the list of products that can be promoted by affiliates, they manage and track all transactions, and make the payouts. All you get at the end of a month is the amount of money after your affiliates have been paid.
The reason this approach is good is because the marketer has saved a lot of stress and can go ahead to face the building of his business instead of spending countless hours processing orders, and sending the customers their products and services. But if you decide you want to go it alone, there are various ways you can create your own affiliate program.
1. Create a webpage for the affiliates. This webpage is separate from the main sales page. In this page, you’ll have to tell them why they should sell your products and not those of many other people. In most cases, including how much you are willing to part with per sale is usually good enough. The rounds making the internet now is if the commission is less than 50%, avoid it like a plague. I have personally seen commissions in the excess of 70%. Usually, most affiliates do not go beyond this stage. Once they’ve seen how much you are willing to offer them, they make up their minds on whether to promote your products or not. Notwithstanding, create a page outlining all the benefits of selling your products. Most experienced marketers know that it is not just the selling that matters. The quality of the product is also highly essential.
2. Create various tools of marketing. Create email ads that have been tested and proven reliable and highly converting, create solo ads templates, ezine ads templates. This cuts the learning curve drastically. So, instead of the affiliate marketer having to come up with his own email ad, you’d have created it for him. So, all he does is copy and paste, and he’s ready to blast his ads.
3. Create Banners and text link ads. Hire a graphic designer to create your banners for you. While it’s been recently stated that banner ads don’t do well, some have been converting well. Those banners known to convert well are those that are pleasing to the eye, and not placed in an intrusive position on the webpage.
4. Create a list of keywords your affiliates can bid on if they want to use pay per click ads. Do as much keyword research as possible. Gather as many keywords that are relevant as possible. Many merchants just look for any keyword regardless of its relevance and put them in a list. This method is wrong. Why? Because if you have a newbie who just wants to make money, he might believe all the research has been done for him. So, he goes ahead to use the untargeted keywords. What occurs in summary is he loses money and makes up his mind to never promote your products again. Get the picture now? You want to build a team; not a set of loosely coordinated fellows.
5. Create a resources area for those want to learn. Include links to both free and paid resources they could learn from. Offer tips and tricks that could help boost sales and overall results.

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