Lucid Cross Roads is the door for any person looking to expand their world by steping into the dream world equipt with the ability to make whatever they wish of it. Lucid Dreaming is one's ability to realize one is dreaming and gain control of the dream. Lucid Dreaming goes back in history all the way to the aboriginals (natives of Australia) and has been practiced through the ages with the goals of understanding the mysterious act of dreaming and to feed the curious and adventerous mind. This website, built a universe that a dreamer can work towards reaching in his dreams and have an easier time practicing this incredible ability. The site teaches from step one how to reach the state of a lucid dream through different methods which can suit different mind sets. It also provides information and background for the new commers to the world of lucid dreams. Being a lucid dreamer myself and facsinated with the topic I found the website rich with information and very helpful on my voyage exploring the lucid world. I recommend to anyone even without any background on the subject to visit this website and take the first step in this special adventure. Originally published in Shvoong:

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