Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

With the article “Virtual reality and its future” we can know what’s that phrase is referral to, you can see and read what is virtual reality, and what you can understand about it, for example, the reading says a lot of features this technology offers to us, and how you can improve your computer entertainment experience, so you will be enjoy sitting in front of the computer.

A very important deal in these kind of modern advances is that people like those things the way you can feel in your body all the experience the software can offer, that’s why the article is telling us that Sony Corporation have patented a system that you’ll really feel virtual reality, they just say that, they didn’t have anything probed, according to the reading. However you will find interesting that this device will work with special ultrasonic waves in a special pattern, the same that the human brain use to communicate and receive signals, so software will actually send information to your brain and it will be understand what it is saying, you’ll feel everything… you’ll be tasting something delicious, something nasty… anything. We can hope Matrix be our next reality soon.


With this kind of article we can know more about the new technology that many people are using nowadays. I think it´s a good advance that people can use the virtual reality to their entertainment or in some good ways, like in medicine.

Something that I think it´s important is when the author wrote about the challenges that this technology has, such as improve the way that we feel the environment of the program, it talk about smell, this is an important factor in the future because it could help for training people, or maybe therapeutic programs.

All the inventions of the human can be using to have a better live, for example you can also think that not only the sense of the smell should be improved; you’ll need the very important sense of touch… So many people live with that, blind people for example, along with hear.

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