A new Anti-virus program from the Microsoft

A new Anti-virus program from the Microsoft


A new Anti-virus program from the Microsoft
Microsoft is the largest producer of software in the world for the detection of a free service for the long-awaited anti-virus in the PC.
The spokesman said that Microsoft is currently testing a preliminary version of the product which carries the name "Moro" to be launched at the end of this year.
The new program will compete with products sold by companies Symantec and McAfee, which generate billions of dollars annually from the sale of programs for the protection of computer operating windows system from attacks by pirates of Internet.
An analyst working in the field of software said that "long-term competitive threat," adding that its impact on the near-term seems to be limited, and officials confirmed in Symantec and McAfee, they do not believe that the "Moro" isn''t a threat to their products.
For its part, Microsoft made it clear that the "Moro" features will be essential to combat the large number of viruses which are likely to make it similar to the products, which ends in the hands of consumers at a low price of Symantec and McAfee, which costs about 40$ per annum.
Microsoft had entered the antivirus software market three years ago, the program "Life and Care", which shows a commercial failure and the company disclosed in November announced plans to eliminate the program before announcing its new program.
Analysts said they were waiting to know the scale of the Moro features specifically compared with competing products, while Microsoft confirmed that it would provide protection from several types of malicious programs including viruses, spyware, infiltration and inattentive.

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