New search engine rival Google and Yahoo!

New search engine rival Google and Yahoo!

New search engine rival Google and Yahoo!

"Microsoft" company for the software giant for a new search engine designed under the name "Bing" through which it wishes to rival "Google" and "Yahoo" through new methods of search.

The new search engine will replace with the engine of the "Life," owned by "Microsoft".

Characteristics of the site are based on the posed by the new approach to research, especially in terms of its ability to search for a "groups" and monitor the images and video recordings.

The "Bing" Will characterize by the ability to provide a picture of the positions required, and the words of specific color shading, especially along the other search tools available on the page.

The new engine provides the "search group" rather than simply to identify the links available, if used wishing to search for the phrase for example, "travel to New York", it will be find pages related to hotels, restaurants and the city''s existing museums.

It is noteworthy that the shares of "Microsoft" rose after the announcement of the site by 2%.

The announcement of the intention of "Microsoft" to be the new engine had been overheated in a race to develop the existing site, which started in each of the "Google" and "Yahoo" introduced by the latest improvements, which are in the same direction as the new engine technologies.

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