The Website of Vir Sanghvi : The Eminent Editor of India

The Website of Vir Sanghvi : The Eminent Editor of India

Vir Sanghvi is the prominent journalist of India. He is the editor in chief of the Hindustan Times one of the most widely read newspaper of India. The website is great as it has everything that one expects from the writing of Sanghvi. Whether it is his sarcastic remarks on the contemporary issues of politics and socio-economic problems or his unique style of writing on recipes, one is destined to find all here.

There is a section of counterpoint on the website where Vir Sanghvi takes on the current issues and remarks on the alternatives but correct proposition of that issues.

For those who are a fan of Vir Sanghvi writings it is a boon as the website contains all the writings of Vir Sanghvi. These contains in the section named vir speak.

There is sections of Vir's world which contains food, books, travel and leisure. All of these sections are engaging and a must read for everybody. What's more there is a space for reader's comment in the end of every articles and one may comment there without thinking that whether it will be published or not. Though comments are moderated but Vir tries to publish all of the comments if it does not contains some objectionable words. Adverse comments also finds proper space in the Vir's website.

At last, this is a very much engaging website and one will surely enlightened by going through the vast resources of impeccable words hosted on it.

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