Superb Seo Techniques

Superb Seo Techniques

Where To Put Keywords For SEO Now that you''ve got your basic Keyword research started, you need to know where to put these keywords on your Web site. Title Tag: The title tag is a great place to use your keyword phrases. The title tag consists of those words you see at the top of your browser window in the blue space, and it is what search engines grab for the title display in their search results; so obviously, it''s an important part of your search engine optimization strategy. Here''s an example: - How To . Headline: Most people who read on the Web scan Web pages quickly. This is why headlines are so important - they give your reader a chance to get what they need fast with a minimum of fuss (again, back to that great user experience). Use your keyword phrase again in the headline: How To . Content: Now you need to write your keyword phrases into your site content. This is where it can get tricky, because it''s easy to just write that keyword phrase where ever that keyword phrase might fit into where the keyword phrase could go (see what I mean? sounds terrible!). Be natural about it - easier than it sounds, but with practice you''ll get it. Keywords Increase Web Site Traffic No doubt about it - if you''re able to place well-researched keyword phrases into your site Content and structure, you will attract more searchers to your site, and provide a better user experience because they will be able to find what they are looking for. More than anything else - high rankings, increased traffic, etc. - the top goal should be to provide the best user experience for every single person that comes to your site, and making sure your keyword phrases serve their needs is a big part of that.
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