Real Madrid The Game

Real Madrid The Game

Come to play a rookie soccer player at the star team Real Madrid.

You start the game as a young adult that has been tracked by one of the scouts  and the managers of the known team.

You are entering the team, first at a lame league, but if you will invest at you game you will rise fast to the firsts leagues.

You have full control at your game, You have a girl friend, your manager and the training days...

You can train at the GYM so you will be faster and stronger, and you can work on your tactics, Corners, Penalty kicks, Free kicks and Outs.

At the soccer games, you have less control , but those are fast games, and every time you get the ball you have a chance to attack for goal or to pass for a teammate.

The game is from a new game type that you control as a manager of your own life and football career.

The graphics of the game is aint perfect and even lame, but at least the game aint wight much.. :)

and the entire game is fun to play even the low graphic.

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