Here you can get free desktop publishing, image editing, web design, graphic design and 3D animation software available for the downloading. You also can download templates to go with the desktop publishing software. Those are full versions of the retired programs from Serif Software. I downloaded them all over a few hours of a day . I registered them to get the code to unlock them and now I will begin trying them out. They are not lightweight versions, they are not nag ware or any kind of shareware. You really can’t go wrong with something like this. Those are definitely worth the time it took me to get them (dial up) and the time it will take me to learn how to use them.

Freeware is one of the favourite words for me. When I began online there was a lot of freeware. I became a frequent window shopper at sites like and I loaded up on little games and utilities which (most of the time) I did learn to use. Things progressed and freeware became free with a catch. In some cases I don’t mind the catch, it depends on the software. Free Serif Software gives old versions of it’s programs away, the updated versions are available on another site. I think that’s generous, no company needs to give away their software. In this case the catch is signing up for getting ads in your email. However, you can choose not to get some of the ads. You register and get your code before you are asked for your mailing address for more offers from Serif’s affiliates and/ or third parties.

The software comes with tutorials. However, it says you may qualify for technical support. This is likely a nice way of saying there is no technical support with the free software. In the land of freeware I expect nothing less, it’s an adventure without a road map. So, that i can tell you this is the website can bring you smile and make you happy about its contents. Originally published in Shvoong:

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