The Kaun Banega Crorepati Freak

The Kaun Banega Crorepati Freak

The Kaun Banega Crorepati Freak
The TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati , telecast by Star Plus with Big Bachchan as anchor, has been a real hit. It has enriched many few participants with the kind of money which they cannot see in their life time, and made many young people search for and equip with knowledge which they might not have acquired in the absence of this talent-challenge programme.
But here is a freak of it on the website . The website would have its users that it is a genuine programme. Only after entering the website and wasting some money that they would realise that it is cyber chicanery, cyber crime, and cyber sleaze.
World’s First Website Offering Real Cash on the Net, says its Introduction. The justification for launching the programme runs thus:
You might have watched popular TV shows such as Koun Banega Crorepati, Chappar phad ke, who wants to be a millionare, etc. You might be interested to participate in such TV shows, and win lots of money. But, you may nor get an opportunity, here at you can participate and win money not once, but as many times as you want.
The Game rules run thus:
Key2crorepati is a single player game and it’s really easy to play. There are five game levels. Each game of any level has a total of 15 questions, each of which you answer by selecting the right answer from a group of four options. You have only 30 seconds time to select and click on the correct answer. Select an answer by clicking the radio button next to it. If you are not sure of your answer you can use the three Helplines. Needless to say, each Helpline can be used only once during a game
You must have noticed that question numbers five and ten are highlighted. These are our two milestones. If you make it safely to these Questions and cross it that means you get a minimum amount indicated against the question shown in the above table. Get a question wrong before that and your score goes back to the previous milestone. If you get a question wrong between questions five and ten, your score goes back to the previous milestone, similarly with question Ten. Once you cross it, you are assured of a minimum amount against that milestone. And if you slip up between questions ten and fifteen, you go back to the previous milestone, which is the last one you have crossed. Your money for the game and cumulative total prize money for all the games are indicated on the screen, at the top left hand corner.
The prize money for crossing level one is Rs. 5 in Game 1, Rs. 10 in Game II, Rs. 100, in Game III, Rs. 1000 in Game IV, and Rs. 10000 in Game V. The corresponding amounts for level 2 (crossing the tenth question) are Rs. 50, 320, 3200, 32000, 320000, and for level 3 (crossing the 15th question) Rs. 100, 10000, one lakh, ten lakhs, and one crore.
Not many players will initially understand the deception involved in the game. Unlike the TV programme the Internet game is not free but on payment. A player has to pay for the Keys, which is Rs. 100 for the three Games. In just about half an hour a player looking for quick and easy money may end up losing about Rs. 1000 and once inebriated with the tantalising greed, the game may not end. The game is, in fact, gambling, which is not allowed in many Indian States, and is indeed a cyber crime.
The game is a poor specimen of the TV programme. The Introduction on the website is not free from errors, while many of the answers are even more so. The website has displayed a list of 25 top winners. But all that they have won, if at all, are amounts ranging from Rs. 3995 (lowest) to Rs. 26560 (highest). No one knows for certain whether they received the winning amounts.
The website does not disclose how many players have so far played the game, and how much they have lost. It also does not disclose how much money these 25winners have wasted in reaching what the website flaunts as their winning amounts.
There cannot be any doubt that the game, as the website claims, founded by P. Suresh and developed by Apex Business Solutions (ABS), has already made the ABS crorepatis and many gullible players poor by that amount.
By the time the government machinery wakes up to this Internet fraud, the ABS will close shop with whatever it could get from deception - as a clear case of loot and scoot.
The Kaun Banega Crorepati Freak Originally published in Shvoong:

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