This dictionary is amazing, I mean. When you used it you are going to know that. It´s really flexible and comfortable and the best thing is: If you need to find a meaning of some word in different languages you can do it!!Those can be: Spanish, English (obviously), German, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek and Russian. So, what else do you want?...I think is just great!
It''s because of this that sometimes you can find some words that don’t appear in many dictionaries.
If you have access to this dictionary you can know that it has a nice interpretation of some meaning because it use pictures to help it, and to help us to understand better many kind of words. Besides, its colors are kind of simple and the interface too.
Another thing that I believe is very useful is that the dictionary gives to the user the opportunity to hear the pronunciation of what are you looking for. Or for example, if you look for some English word you can hear the pronunciation not only in the English accent, in British too..
In this web site you will find also some different alternatives that you can have access, like a part where you can play some games in which you can interact and learn different languages at the same time, some games are: Hangman (in this you try to guess a word and if you make that wrong you die as a hangman), Spelling Bee (you can choose the difficulty level, the web site is going to make you heard some pronunciation words, and after that you need to spell it).
People can use the dictionary to find some vocabulary related to different topics, like Medicine, Legal things, Financial things, Acronyms, Idioms, Encyclopedia(mostly if you need to find some technological information about some meaning) and Wikipedia Encyclopedia.
I highly recommend this site because of the plenty level of knowledge they use and the great level of complexity, very different than others. Originally published in Shvoong:

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