ABSTRACT THE ULTIMATE MESSY DIRECTORY WEBSITE. The site provides the central nervous system for the extensive Wet And Messy (WAM) Fetish community, which gives links to sites for clothed, and naked wetlook, food-fights, oil-soaking, custard pie sexuality, mud-wrestling, quicksand pleasure, and much more besides. While the majority of sites covered feature women, male only, Cross-dresser, gay and couples sites are also listed and fully represented here. Most Wammers come through here at some time, and the site provides very colourful links and regular updates and bulletin boards on what is hot, wet and sticky. There is a main page, which lists the sites of the most active WAM peripherals, and a number of helpful side panels, and indexes for specialist groups in a dozen genres within the WAM experience. Text only, video stream, and photo-sites, pays to join and free subscription or brows as you like are all catered for. Each area of WAM has its own fans, and there are discussion forums for those who appreciate each of the main branches. The site offers recommended pictures of the day, and a day by day update of the changes in various websites, which are well archived for those who miss a few days along the way. Some sites are so active that their profiles and images are rarely away from the front pages of UMD, but less frequently updated pages also get a fair share of attention here, where they might get lost otherwise in the heavy traffic that goes through search engines. The maintenance of the UMD is its most impressive aspect, as the WAM scene changes with astonishing rapidity. Some Wammers obviously get to be messed up, soaked and gunged every weekend at least, and so the site constantly presents the images, films and news of the latest activities for those who get less opportunity and have to settle for watching others having most of the fun. It is sites like UMD that will encourage more WAMMERS to move from dreaming to creaming up and getting involved.
ULTIMATE MESSY DIRECTORY (UMD) Originally published in Shvoong:

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