How to Write an Abstract

How to Write an Abstract

Do you like writing abstracts? Let me share some information that I found in the web-site about how to write abstract. I considered this topic very helpful for me because I have to do that for my class assignments. Now here are some steeps to follow. First of all chose a topic. Get enough information about it. Planning and organize your notes. Abstracts need a title, do not repeated or rephrase the title.  When you write an abstract you have to answer the following questions: -Why did you do this study o project?
–What did you do and how?
–What did you find?
–What do you findings means?
 You have to answer these question in 100-250 words. You need to be specific about the topic. Avoid using acronyms, abbreviations, or symbols, because you would need to explain and that takes too much room. Use key words. Try to use active verbs instead of passive when possible. Avoid using the words I or we. Good revision and editing can transform a simple fist draft into an excellent final paper. Abstracts should represent as much as possible quantitative and qualitative information. I recommended you to follow these steps in you next abstract.
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