www.5 Minute

www.5 Minute

I choose 5 Minute English because is free short Self-Study English lessons and quick tips for ESL students. It’s a real LIVE English conversation with an ESL instructor. I think ESL Talk Time is important because a lot of English learners said that it is easy to find books, tapes and software to practice English. But one thing they can’t find easily is real people to practice speaking English with. So now ESL Talk Time is available to help you get and keep your spoken English. In this page we meet online and have an English conversation for 75 minutes, you will be able to practice a lot because there are only 3-4 students and 1 ESL instructor in the class, this program use SKYPE, a free internet program used to talk to anyone in the world, at the end of the session, we will receive a free mp3 recording of the class for our review. Some benefits are: no travel time, no telephone costs, very small classes, lots of time for talking, attend the class from the comfort of your own home or office and low cost, you need only choose a class and time you would like to join from below, download the free software at SKYPE to be able to attend the class online, you will receive instructor by email on how to attend the class, this website is very helpful and it is made just for you. I invite you to try this program and you realize that is a good way to learn English.    
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