The Listen Foundation

The Listen Foundation.

The Listen Foundation

            The organization, “the Listen Foundations” is one of the honor in this web side, provide a lot of web side where you could find tools for listen and speaking. Listen is one of the most important things in this foundation, because they help at people that can not hear. They provide event, for you could see the advance in technology for them. In Colorado this organization received one of the highest honors offered for Award of  Excellence by the El Pomer foundation  this program offered programs, volunteering, donation etc. since1969, the listen Foundation has been dedicated to teaching children who are hearing=impaired to listen and speak. Listen Foundation has supported families who would not otherwise have access to the equipment and the auditory-verbal therapy that their children need in order to become listening speaking. I hope this information will be good for you end you donate some of your time helping this kind of people.

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