The LOVE calculator!
One thing that I am certain of, nobody can understand the complexity and absolute bizzarness of love. Therefore, perhaps instead of trying to date and spend a ton of money on movies, dinner, dancing, drinks, chocolates, flowers, and all of that cologne, throw caution to the wind and try! This is a bizzar little site, with sort of a bland and low budget look to it, but with a fun twiste which could open up some talking points for any couple that is considering getting serious.
When you first see this sight your instinct would be to keep moving, because it really lacks the visual quality that usually draws people into a good web site. Then you realize the simplicity of it all and it will hold you there at least long enough to try a couple of names on the calculator. Here is how it works. At the bottom of this single page site are two blanks which you need to fill in. You simply put your full name and the name of a potential lover into these two boxes, press the calculate button and the advice is instantly given. I tried my current girlfriend and received a 65% chance of success along with some advice to try to work on things and not to take them for granted, pretty fair advice I must admit. Then, just for fun, I put in the name of my x-girlfriend--best known as the dragon lady--and this website prooved its value. We scored a 17% chance of success and the advice was something along the lines of "Please, your chances are so slim you may as well begin looking for another now." This website is bloody brilliant!
It's simple and won't hold your attention longer than a couple of tries, but all in all a fun little gimic. It could be a good time at a party if you were to plug in all the guest's names and see who they are best matched with. If my attempt was any indication, this sight has better insite than I ever did. Current honey, good chance, x-dragon lady, fat chance.
Who knows, this site may change your life, or at least your mood. Originally published in Shvoong:

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